Behind the show 5/13/09

The show is only half over…and so far the following things have already happened ( in no particular order ):

– We did a segment where the PET LADY answers your questions about dogs and a pet lover called and vehemently complained about how the Pet Lady’s views were off base and offensive to animals. Needless to say, somehow that call didn’t make it onto the air

– This caused me to enter into an off-mic discussion with my friends here in the studio about how I believe that people who view their pets’ feelings as non-negotiable have a slight bent toward mental illness. Not that they are bad people, just a little sick

-Nice devotional from Kevin DeYoung’s Just Do Something who made the statement that worrying is actually a sinful practice, not just a bad habit. His source? Jesus in the book of Matthew

-Dana’s dog Xena has been jumping on Rob and making him spill his coffee. My theory is that it’s because Rob has been kissing the dog repeatedly. I can’t tell from my vantage point if the kisses are open or closed mouth

-Next topic coming up is : Should “church” be made to be more “manly?”


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