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We want to know:

-Does your church need to do more target GUYS and get them excited about coming to and getting involved at church?

-If so, what would you recommend?


8 responses to “CHURCH…for GUYS?

  1. I believe churches need to do more to attract men. However, it’s up to the men to get that going, take ownership. Our church has a men’s ministry and we are having trouble getting a man to lead the ministry. Currently a woman leads it. Many men show up to the events and have great ideas on what types of events should be held but there is silence in the room when we ask for someone to plan it. How do we change that? Our church has many opportunities for women because when an idea comes up, someone steps up.

    Great conversation to start. Hopefully God will touch the hearts of some men to start planning events at their church instead of backing away because there’s nothing for them.

    Love the show!

  2. I would say have a husband-wife team to start with till the man feels comfortable to do it by himself .

  3. I think the reason is that men do not understand their role as the spiritual leader of their home/family. As well, many men think that real men can’t/don’t belong in church. Church is for girly men in their minds. That’s what I see around here.

  4. I believe that the church needs to do more to attract men. One way would be to have men in the foyer to greet men when they come in and the other way is to have a Men’s Sunday School Class.

  5. I am wondering whether or not the Church should intentionally “target’ anyone. Perhaps it might be batter stated differently. Why are women more likely than men to be involved in Church.
    Here are some semi-random thoughts.

    1. I beleive that the Church (at least the western version) presents a contradiction to men. We are supposed to be the hard working provider for the family, with the innate mindset that if we are doing the will of God in providing for our families, we ought to be well-off to be living in the suburbs. To do this we have to work so long and hard that we have little time to be involved in Church activities. Dulturally, we have linked material success with godliness. How many elders on your Church board are custodians or trash collectors? A lot of us out here have chosen the lower paying positions that we occupy so that we might be able to minister for Christ in our environment or thru working a mere 40 hours a week, freeing time for some ministry on the side.

    2. We are not free to be transparent in the Church. Some of us men need an environment where we can fess up to a “secret” sin without the fear of being cast out. I heard of a youth pastor on the east coast who was recently kicked out of his Church when it was found out that he had fallen into some manner of internet porn. Had he merely been greedy or a glutton, he would have been fine. In fact those sins would not have been noticed at all, but are very damaging to one’s spiritual progress. Who was this man suposed to confess to, that he might find help. He knew full well that being transparent enough to seek help with this sin would cost him everything. Why go to a place where you are supposed to be able to find judgment-free help when you know full well that it isn’t there.

    3. King of the Hill. If we are each supposed to be leaders, how are we supposed to be able to work together. In the church, there is one leader, the one who fills the pulpit on every Sunday. We are to fall in line with his vision and purpose or find another Church. “We value your input, so long as it is in line with where we are going and/or what the preacher says.” We do not generally allow room for honest discussion/exploration of issues and plans that are not in line with the given direction. Men are frozen out of independent thinking, so why bother if I have little interest in lining up with the party?

    We need a real place to corporately and personally learn what it is kinetically like to follow Jesus. A group that will not “tst,tsk” us for confessing that we need to learn how not to improperly notice how good Miss California looks in her swimsuit, or that we don’t watch “Dancing with the Stars” for the fancy steps. We need a place that will lovingly confront us with the greed and self-reliance that we have sold our selves into. We need a place where we can find Jesus without having to jump through the judgment of man.

  6. Sorry about the spelling errors. The format is not that great for proof-reading . . . (great excuse . . .)

  7. Church is most definitely for guys. If you were to ask John Eldridge why men aren’t excited about church anymore, I think he would say it is because men are bored. They have been told that the reason God put them on earth is to be a good boy. To be nice. But there is something fierce, passionate, and wild in the heart of every man. That is how he bears the image of God.

    Perhaps the reason men aren’t running to church is because they have the wrong perception of what a man of God truly is. Our church has a ministry to men that periodically does Biblical studies on what it means to be a man of God. I really lean on the fellowship of other Godly men at our weekly meeting, and I think it’s where a lot of the very practical application of scripture takes place.

    In all that being said, I think every church should have a ministry geared towards men.

    Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. – pr 27:17

  8. Great question, but I think a more appropriate question is, “Does your church need to do more to target GUYS and get them excited about their relationship with God?” Personally, I’ve come to a place that believes that a vital relationship with God translates into so many good things, ultimately making a BETTER MAN.

    IDENTITY and PURPOSE are two questions that each man must address, and the church can help here. While the universal church is called to make disciples (Mt. 28:19-20), the local church is called to build them, as well (Eph 4:11-13). And the local church begins with leadership. Leadership develops mission. If the mission is to equip and strengthen disciples, men have to be the primary target. We see this all throughout scripture. Strong men have a way of producing strong families, and ultimately, strong societies.

    But men are lost. By and large, we don’t know who we are in Christ, or what our purpose is. I saw a man reading a magazine today with a grimacing Mike Ditka on the cover pointing at the reader with the words, “MAN UP!” above his head. American culture brings the wrong definition to “MAN UP.” Who’s out there showing us how to MAN UP? A church that “gets it” will equip men to go out and equip others. And that will be an attractive church for men!! One that helps us to see who we are! Until the church is seen as a place with real answers, men will continue to look in all the wrong places for significance.

    This is a very short answer to a very complex question. Hope it helps.

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