Bye Bye, Drivers License

Next Tuesday the 26th, I turn 26 years old.

So, that means I have to get a new drivers license because this one expires 5/26/09.


I looked at the date it was issued – and I must have just misplaced my license or gotten another one at some point because this one says I got it on 12/20/06.

And whenever I see dates in the past, it makes me think about all the things that have happened since then. I am a terrible recorder of events…which is a bummer because Natalie is, too.  I guess it could be said that it’s good that we’re much more concerned with things that God has happening in our lives right now rather than constantly living in the past, but on the other hand, sometimes I think that it would sure be nice to have a record of all the things that have happened in our lives.  Some random things I can think of that have happened since 12/20/06:

  • We’ve witnessed the end of marriages in at least two sets of friends
  • My dad experienced  HUGE life change that we had been praying about for a long time – returned to an active Christian life
  • Natalie FINALLY found her first full-time teacher job after a year and a half of painful searching, applying and praying
  • My mom FINALLY is enjoying a new place to live, away from a crooked, unresponsive landlord
  • My sister moved to California to pursue dreams – in spite of some naysayers who’d have rather her not done so
  • Friends Dana & Rob joined me on the Rise & Shine Morning Show
  • I joined Golds Gym, hated that and suffered through a 2-year membership, and am now a proud member of the YMCA and new racquetball player
  • We spent thousands of dollars on Sears siding to completely change the appearance and color of our house
  • I went through at least 7 Verizon phones before finally seeing the light of the iPhone
  • I started to look at faith in a much more personal sense – and become terribly interested in the words of Jesus, in all things good and related to love. Thereby, finding a new importance for living in community with other Christ followers

That last one was pretty important.

I wouldn’t say I’m an overly sentimental person…and I don’t spend a lot of time in the past.  I can definitely say there is SOME VALUE in remembering all these things that happened, lessons learned, and most importantly, the people that have passed our way and with whom we’ve interacted.

He who has the desire to keep his life will have it taken from him, and he who gives up his life because of me will have it given back to him.

-Jesus, in Matthew 10:39

So, while remembering the important things of the past, I say, press on, face forward, and pray your way through.


2 responses to “Bye Bye, Drivers License

  1. Ha! I figured out how to comment. I have enjoyed getting to “know” you through the morning show, and even more so with your blog here. I’m too tired to make any witty remarks today. Long day, and still no voice!

    • johnnymornings

      Man, that’s a bummer about the voice thing. Why do we always get sick when we travel? Same thing happened to me. I won’t tell you how long it took me to recover from when I went to Nashville and Florida. I like your blog too…very cool. 🙂

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