A friend gave me this advice today

"Fruit" of the Spirit

“Just be honest and kind and you can’t go wrong.”

-I won’t quote her on this right now, but you know who you are.

A group of friends and I have had a difficult decision to make over the last few days and in seeking the counsel and advice of these dear friends, this was her advice to me tonight. Not knowing this exact, personal situation, you couldn’t really relate to how much it meant to me, but the important part of it is….that those words are such universal advice to any tough, difficult situation that any of can be going through.

Here’s the part where you might be able to “get it”

How often in life do we not know how to approach a situation or get really nervous or anxious about bringing something up to someone or asking questions that need to be asked or facing challenging, scary circumstances?  Probably really often.

If you’re dealing with something like that right now, I think God wants you to know that you can never control someone else’s response to something, you can only control how you present it or how you bring it up.  It needs to be done in love…and like she said..with honesty and kindness.  Why is that not our first approach in any difficult circumstance…or even…any circumstance period? That kind of sounds like something you would hear in a counseling session, but the truth of this is piercing.  God makes us honest…to be kind…loving, patient, joyful, and so many other things that are included in the fruit of the spirit.  And all of these are a singular focus – the FRUIT of the spirit, not the fruits.  Yes it’s true, sometimes we don’t feel like we have all of those things described, but they all come from the same God, and when the Spirit dwells in us, it’s all in there.  Sometimes it’s our job to let it out – to condition ourselves – transform ourselves to let the right stuff out of our mouths and lives.

I think that’s what she was trying to convince me to do with her advice.  I’m going to follow.


One response to “A friend gave me this advice today

  1. I’ve been teaching my preschool class about the fruit of the Spirit over the past few weeks. Every year when I do, I myself learn something new. One thing I really felt the Lord stressing to me is how much the fruit is NOT for us. An apple tree doesn’t grow apples so it can eat them. The fruit that comes from the tree is for others. The seeds from that fruit being “used up” is what causes a greater harvest.
    That advice is great advice! I needed to hear it too, thanks for sharing.

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