It’s Our 5th Anniversary Today – and Natalie did something cool

Yep – today marks five (5) years since we tied the knot in Mendota, IL

Cheesy Wedding photo

Natalie has been very cool this week.  Every day when I come home (which might be in the middle of the day for my “break”) or in the afternoon,  I have found a card and a small gift.

On Monday, in the card, she wrote about our first year of marriage…stuff we did, tough issues we faced, and what she remembers about it.

Tuesday, the card had to do with the 2nd year and so on.

So far, for gifts this week, I have accumulated the following (and I’ll leave why they were given up to your imagination or guesses)

  • A very womanly blue candle with a firefly pained on the side along with a little wire white candle holder (has been lit since I went on the air at 6:00 this morning)
  • Candy: Baby Ruth fun size bars, Lemonheads,and Sugar Daddy candy (movie theater style)
  • Toy Sheriff badges assortment
  • Silly string (which I sprayed her with as she entered the room earlier this week.  I do have video)

…and I’m pretty pumped about going home and finding out what’s there for today. She already warned me that there’s no big build-up at the end.

I had a post the other day where I was referring to things that I had done since 2006 (the post about bye bye drivers license) and made some kind of remark about how neither Natalie nor I are very good at remembering things that had happened in our past and talked about how it would be nice to be able to remember more things sometimes. Well, I’m now seeing that she remembers a little more than I thought she did anyway through the cards that she’s written each day this week.

Also thanks to those of you have offered your well wishes and congratulations and even to my cousin Chad who edited together a cool buzz DVD of our wedding video—that was really cool…(but he was pretty upset that he had to work with a VHS original).

Finally, I don’t take these 5 years for granted. I do take marriage very seriously and I think everyone should, if they don’t. 5 years, 10 years, 20, 30 years…any time you hear about someone’s anniversary…I think about how much had to have gone into that.  Good, bad, hard, fun, easy, … all that stuff the vows mention.  I frequently remind my grandparents what a great example they have been for Natalie & me to see a couple who have been faithful to the Lord and each other for over 50 years.  Dang, that’s a long time.


2 responses to “It’s Our 5th Anniversary Today – and Natalie did something cool

  1. Congrats Johnny and Natalie! Hey, I forgot to tell you I got to meet your wife at the MM concert last month. She’s sweet. My husband and I have made it 16 years. I wish I could remeber more about the early years, but that was a long time ago. Hope you had a great weekend celebrating.

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