Mom & Dad’s contributions on Memorial Day

So I ( we ) are celebrating Memorial Day today in the following way:

-Right after the show, Natalie and I are headed to Ottawa. Right away, I’ll meet up with Grandpa Russ and my uncle Jim who is in town from Maine. The three of us will go to the Memorial Day commemmoration in downtown Washington Square.  That’s a thing I used to go to with Grandpa Russ almost every year as a kid…so that should be cool.

– My dad has been at the riverfront Allen Park in Ottawa guarding our “cookout shelter spot” since 6:25 a.m. this morning.  You want to talk about dedication.  That’s EARLY!!! 🙂 We called and had him on the air this morning talking about how he wasn’t even the first one there.  And the other guy was cleaning the grill ( you know those grills that are built into the ground and are kinda nasty) – for over an hour.  Like scrubbing it…for over an hour he said.  Dad said to bring the charcoal Smoky Joe as a backup

-Mom has been planning out the Memorial Day gathering for a few days – the food, location, etc. Natalie’s parents are coming too.  So having MOM and DAD in the same place (we did that at Christmas time too) is actually getting to be kind of fun – but also my uncle Jim and the inlaws…that will be a fun time! It’s great to be surrounded by people you love and care about around such a fun time.

Hope your Memorial Day is a good one too.  Don’t forget to pause at 3 p.m. and commemmorate.


One response to “Mom & Dad’s contributions on Memorial Day

  1. Don’t forget to mention that the main purpose of this cook out is to celebrate your golden Birthday which is tomorrow!

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