This person hates our station – just part of the gig!!

Just thought you’d be interested to know that not EVERYONE loves the work we do — but that’s OK!!

When we have gotten mail like this in the past, we (I) used to get pretty upset, but now it’s just a normal part of the job that not everyone agrees with our ministry angle or what we’re trying to do.

We got this a while back, and after some time, I think it’s OK to post this here since it will be anonymous and only promotes decent discussion about how to do Christ’s work.  We’re not bitter with this person at all and responded in a very kind, understanding way to them.  While we’ll never be on their same level, at least we have agreed to disagree.

So, this is more for entertainment and enlightenment (behind the scenes) type purposes than anything else. 🙂



Feel free to post your thoughts on this or not.  If you don’t know our station, just know that other Christian stations that do what we do get the same type of mail every day  🙂 It’s a part of the gig.


4 responses to “This person hates our station – just part of the gig!!

  1. Well, at least this person is respectful in what they have to say. I think it’s his perogative to support the station or not. My family chooses to continue supporting the station, because we enjoy it, and believe in what you’re doing. If I had to guess, I would say it was someone of this same “mindset” who got Total Axxess yanked from Shine. We listen to the morning show on, and then listen to Way fm in the evening (we like Wally.) Hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings.

  2. Don’t sweat this man. You are right. You can’t please everybody. It makes me sad when someone throws the baby out with the bath water in this way. Why discount all the good that the station does because of one thing they didn’t agree with. But, it’s the prerogative of every listener and supporter to pull their support for whatever reason they wish.
    As far as the American Idol thing, it might be interesting for this person to note that Christians make up the 3rd largest voting block of American Idol. That is why it was no surprise to me when (Christian) Kris Allen won this year after (Christian) Danny Gokey was eliminated. The Christian voters shifted their votes to the other Christian contestant… I, for one, am getting a little tired of people demonizing anything that popular because they are content to live within their Christian bubble and not get out into the world, into the culture and make a real difference for the kingdom. News flas- The lost aint coming to us! We need to go out and get ’em!

    • I must say that I disagre with this letter. is a station that is doing an awesome job of reaching its demographic. If a station targets primarilly young people, you have be relevant! There’s no other way that it will impact this generation if a station is constantly preaching the word, and I say this with complete honor and respect. However, as a young person myself, a station that plays positive upbeat music with relevant content is what I’m looking for. Look at Air 1,…the way they fill airtime is completely different than WBGL. That is because it is slightly a different audience. There is a huge selection of Christian stations in the Chicagoland market. Although each station’s ultimate goal is to bring people to Christ, there must be different ways to connect. Years ago,106.7 The Fish never mentioned anything about the faith, but that’s ok. It’s main purpose was to be relevant and “safe” for young families. Shine has come a long way from four/five years ago. They have transformed from a station that played primarily Chrisitian hip-hop and rock to an awesome contemporary variety. They have most definitely opening up their audience, which is why they went from 40,000-100,000 listeners in such a short time. Christian listeners need to stop complaining and criticizing what stations like Shine are doing for young people, and support them form stepping apart from other negative media choices.

  3. Aw, the joys of Christian radio! Brings back such great memories! 🙂 I do appreciate this gentleman’s honesty & have no doubt he felt very prompted to send the letter.

    BTW – can’t believe you played Baby Got Book – I thought you swore at Spring Pledge Drive 2007 you were sick of it and said it was the last time it would ever be played on Shine!! 🙂

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