Behind the “show” :: Bad PR

Well we had an author interview scheduled for this morning, which I intended to cancel.  Here’s the deal of what happened:

The publicist pitched the interview to me of this woman who wrote a book about how to be smart when you are giving to charity, smart giving, etc.  I thought it sounded interesting and also a good fit for our audience (since we’re always asking for donations to support the station).  So I booked the interview. But since I was going to also incorporate the idea of asking her to explain to listeners how to go about the “thinking process” of how to decide whether it’s a good idea to give a donation, even to a Christian organization, I figured I’d better float the idea past the author, just to be sure she’d be cool with that angle on her book.

The publicist (who is VERY nice, by the way) wrote back:

I spoke (the author) about this and she is not a Christian and will not tell your listeners that they should give to faith-based charities as she feels that faith and giving is a personal choice.  Is that a problem?
I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that…and in my pondering, I forgot to write back.  So the author called for the interview and yelled at our producer something about how we should have canceled with the publicist if we didn’t intend to do the interview. (Which yes, we should have) But because she was so rude, Nicole our producer screened the call out and it didn’t even make it to us.
Isn’t that kind of a weird situation?  I guess I don’t really have much of a “point” to this blog other than…don’t you think it’s a bad idea for an author who uses radio stations and morning shows for publicity to sell your books to be unprofessional and rude to the producer of the very show you were wanting to come on to?
Gotta love it.  OK, back to work now 🙂

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