OK, here’s my unpopular Jon and Kate views:

OK then.

Jon and Kate are getting a divorce.

That really is a bummer. I mean really, really sad.

Before we start to share our views about that, let’s just think about the harm that this will likely cause all of those involved. And some of the harm that’s already been done.  Let’s care for a second.


My views on this Jon & Kate issue are unpopular. Oh well, here they are:

Stop blaming the show. It’s not the show’s fault.

Some of the things that honestly annoy me the most are the “I told you so” viewpoint.  People think “they knew it” all along. They say things like, “Putting your marriage on TV is a recipe for disaster,” or “They did it to themselves by purposefully becoming such high-level celebrities,” or my favorite, “They should have pulled the show off the air…that would have fixed all the problems.”

I’m not trying to cause trouble here, but I honestly couldn’t disagree any MORE with those statements.

Not only do people (I) like to blame circumstances in life for all their (my) problems sometimes, but for some reason, people just LOVE to blame “stupid decisions” that people make, point the finger, and talk about how “clueless” they are for “doing it to themselves.” Case in point, even churches like to do this:

Last week, I drove through my neighborhood and one of the churches in the area had a church sign that read:

“This Sunday’s Sermon: 8 Mistakes Made by Jon & Kate”

I posted that on my Facebook page to allow people to comment on it, and no one seemed to like it much.  Why? Because it seems judgmental.  “Well if only Jon & Kate had listened to us, everything would have been fine.” Now in this case, I hear that the pastor had good intentions and just worded the sign rather carelessly, but a lot of people actually think that way. (For more on why I think this is a bad idea see bullet point #1 here)

So, I definitely don’t have 8 things to say about it, but Jesus might have a couple to say to US (not Jon & Kate):

  1. Be careful of lofty views, you could fall too. (1 Corinthians 10:12)
  2. Be careful to examine your own heart, don’t blame your circumstances (Matt. 7:3, 23:26)
  3. Above all, let’s have an attitude of LOVE, not judgment. (Luke 10:27)

Let’s face it…TLC wins this one. They got the ratings, made big money, and yes, at the expense of the family. They’re happy, even if they say they aren’t. But we can’t blame them, can we?  They’re just doing their job and that’s to be expected for a company…profit at all costs.  We probably don’t expect much more out of them.

Let’s not blame, but let’s pray and let’s think about how to maybe adopt those three points above and save our own marrige or a friend’s marriage.  🙂

So there you have my unpopular Jon & Kate views.  Since most of you won’t comment anyway (that’s OK!!) , would you mind taking this quick 2-second poll about this subject?


5 responses to “OK, here’s my unpopular Jon and Kate views:

  1. I really liked that church sign link. Those usually have a high ewww factor with me.

  2. I actually do agree with you. I don’t think pulling themselves off of the show would have saved their marriage. In fact, I have no idea what went on in their marriage (as none of us really do), and so I think we should leave it at that.

    What bothers me more is that they were held up at the beginning as a model of a Christian family and Christian marriage simply BECAUSE they were celebrities. Why didn’t we just leave them alone? What is it about the Christian community that we tend to idolize famous people? I know many couples who have struggled long and hard and have emerged on the other side and have so much to share, but they will never get book contracts. I’m not even saying that they should; it just bothers me that we’re so quick to try to find “Christian heroes”, rather than just letting people be people.

    Does that make sense?

  3. It may not be the show’s fault, but the first (or one of) step to putting their marriage back together would have been turning off the cameras and getting out of the public microscope.

  4. Alright here’s my take. Kate always seemed evil and very judgmental towards Jon. Jon seems to be bailing out quick to get out of his marriage,.Kate doesn’t seem as “thrilled” about the whole idea as Jon does. Almost every marriage has had a difficult moment. But, what about “for better or for worse?” Get some counseling if you have to! Even the best marriages sometime need a little tweeking! Not that money would be an issue for them, but divorce should cost big bucks!!! It’s too easy to divorce and the ramifications will go on for ever!

  5. i mostly agree with you…the couple really changed and it wasn’t the show that did it to them. so sad…

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