Loud lovers of this country?

I saw a quote today from some blogger (in regards to the right to shoot off fireworks, gunshots, etc. on the 4th of July):

“I have no problem with the celebration of the founding of our country. The question I always have is why do the people celebrating the most/loudly seem to know the least about the founding of our country?”

That question might be a little one-sided or stereotypical, but…maybe it’s right??

I don’t really know why that is. Do you?


4 responses to “Loud lovers of this country?

  1. I don’t know why the people that know the least celebrate the most loudly, but to those that have a problem with fireworks etc. “And the rockets red glare The BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR…”

  2. I don’t know about your question. I don’t mind the fireworks and loud bangs, except when they are going off outside my bedroom window, at night, days before the actual 4th!

  3. Mike Coradetti

    This sentiment concerns me a little…more than a little, actually. How do we know how much someone does or does not know about anything? And who is making this judgment? Situations like this, I think we tend to compare what we know about ourselves to what we don’t know about others, which usually either leaves us feeling inferior to them…or superior. Either way, what’s the point?

    • johnnymornings

      I don’t really know who it was that made the judgment…just one of the 50 million bloggers out there. Whew! I sure don’t want to caught up in that game of what you just said, so I think I’ll go ahead and not make that judgment.

      I think that blogger was trying to say something about people who have the following things in common: loudness, beer, American flag T-shirts, fireworks, guns, love of freedom.

      I’m not taking sides on this one since I’m not passionate about it…at all. I am passionate about this country and the people who serve it, but not about making a judgment about people like this.

      Now for a subject I sure would like some clarification on, I was listening to a Mars Hill Bible Church podcast…Rob Bell was off for the week and introduced Phyllis Tickle as the speaker. She had spoken there in the past. She is considered to be one of the leaders of the Emergent Christianity movement and spoke on the feminine attributes of the Holy Spirit, and referred to the spirit as “she” several times.

      A review of it can be found here : http://apprising.org/2008/09/who-is-phyllis-tickle/

      Thoughts on that?

      It sure didn’t sound right to me. Not just because the ideas were pretty foreign, but this whole idea of how the church has gone through a reformation every 500 years….uh, really? Is she making this up or what?

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