Well, one week from today, I’ll be in H…

Well, one week from today, I’ll be in Haiti.

I guess the reality set in when we had our orientation and information meeting just the other day.

I’m going there along with friends from Haitian Support Ministries and Elim Christian Services

It’s basically a time for us to tour the area, visit with churches that are functioning with the support of HSM, and be completely stunned by the poverty and conditions there. Yeah, actually that’s kind of the point of going for me. Not necessarily to bring aid, think that I’m doing some kind of HUGE work by going and adminstering aid (which we will definitely be doing), but celebrating a ministry that has committed a lot of time and money into doing everything it can to save this country. The guy that runs HSM is passionate about the fact that God can use the “least of these” or the “most unlikely people” to maybe save Haiti, in a time when the U.N. has troops there, trying to administer justice, and is apparently failing.

We’ll see kids who live on the streets and be able to play with them, feed them, and give them fun little presents to play with.

It’s somewhat surreal…that the trip is less than a week away and it still doesn’t seem real that we’re going. My first international trip and the plan is to simply let God have his way with the trip.


One response to “Well, one week from today, I’ll be in H…

  1. Sounds like the best way to plan the trip! Too often I think we over-plan things, and get in God’s way. I pray that your trip is everything God wants it to be, not only for the people you will encounter, but for those of you going.

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