About the trip

Well, we’re leaving for Haiti here in about 48 hours.  Wow that snuck up quickly.

Home For Boys

It is my first trip outside the country ever (except for that one time I was in San Diego and decided it would be a good idea to go to Tijuana for a couple hours before my flight home.  Yeah, without going into detail, let’s just say…I’m lucky I got back into the country AND that I made my flight home on time 😉

I’m going with friends from Elim Christian Services and Haitian Support Ministries.  We’re heading out to witness and participate in some very life-changing things:

  • Bringing the love of Christ to boys and girls in orphanages throughout the region
  • Distributing “Hope Packs” of school supply kits so that kids can attend school
  • Visiting kids who live on the street in Monchile, Haiti – bringing food to kids and interacting with them


  • Adults with developmental disabilities who receive services with Elim Christian Services are on the trip.  These adults have worked hard in assembling hundreds of “Hope Packs,” which are kits containing school supplies, food items, and other vital materials that kids in Haiti are desperate for.  The adults are so glad to see the fruit of their labor pay off as kids with extreme need receive the supplies they need in Haiti.

Here’s the actual itinerary I was given:

7/30     Thursday         Depart Chicago O’Hare-arrive Florida (Fort Lauderdale or Miami)

7/31     Friday              Depart Florida-arrive Port au Prince, Haiti.  Drive from Port au Prince to Jacmel.  Visit Camp Marechux.  Stay at Hotel in Jacmel.

8/01     Saturday          Visit children in boys and girls orphanages.  Distribute school kits. Visit Monchile “street kids” nutrition center.  Present cooks food packs.  Help cooks distribute food to children.  Stay at Hotel in Jacmel.

8/02     Sunday            Worship with Haitians at Calvary Church.  Visit new churches At Areguay and Demontreu.

8/03     Monday           Travel from Jacmel to Mission of Hope campus in Caberet.  Tour Mission of Hope.  Distribute school kits to children.  Stay at Mission of Hope.

8/04     Tuesday           Travel from Port au Prince to O’Hare through customs in Florida


Some of those things are easier to type than think about or do.  Visiting kids whose homes are on the street, can’t eat, etc.  Worshiping with people who probably have a lot more “spirit” about church than people do around here. See adults with developmental disabilities be able to bless kids in Haiti who are in extreme need.

Wow, good luck communicating all that on the radio in 90-seconds increments.  Hmm…

I would ask three things of you:

1. Stay tuned to Shine.FM for live reports from Haiti (also this blog will have updates assuming technical difficulties don’t overrun us)

2. Pray for the trip this week as well as those who make their homes among these desolate conditions

3. Check out the following websites for details about what’s going on in Haiti right now:



thanks for caring and hope to check in to you soon!


2 responses to “About the trip

  1. Will do. I’ll be praying for you and the team going.

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