Well, I’m guilty of waiting to pack til…

Well, I’m guilty of waiting to pack til the last minute…again. Just like I am on every trip it seems like.

It’s stressful enough for me when I’m going to be gone overnight or just a couple of days going on a quick trip or something, but going to some far away land is kind of weird. Yes, they gave us a list of stuff to bring, but who really knows what you’re getting into, you know?

Thanks for the overwhelming amount of support from friends and family over the last week or so. I appreciate everyone offering their well wishes and love for this trip. I look forward to posting updates and stuff soon.

Side note: I thought it was interesting that the hotel we are staying at in Haiti has wireless internet access, but NO phone service; the hotel only has a few cell phones. They said if someone calls the hotel for you, they actually bring the cell phone to you and you talk on it. 🙂


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