The Last Supper

Well, we’re here in Miami tonight staying at the La Quinta near the airport getting ready for our  2 hour flight to Haiti tomorrow morning.  We had what the previous Haiti travelers in our group called the “Last Supper” at Bennigan’s tonight…presumably the last meal we’ll have for several days that isn’t chicken, beans, and rice. That actually doesn’t sound as bad as it could be, though.  We packed lots of snacks and beef jerky just in case.

A couple of the guys in our group opened up and talked about their testimony tonight…both from the inner city, got involved in drugs and a tough lifestyle.  They both said that if you had told them a year ago that they would be following God and on their way to Haiti on a missions trip today they would have asked you what you were smoking (and if they could have some).  Some real spiritual transformation is happening in these guys lives and I am really looking forward to taking this trip with them as well as everyone on our team.  Just some great people we’re here with.

Tomorrow we’ll land in Port Au Prince Haiti and someone said we’ll be driving to Jacmel where we’re staying, which is only about 35 miles, but a 4 hour drive where there “may” be a road… [[?]] Perhaps you 3rd world country travelers will understand what that means.  I…will have to just wait and find out I guess.


3 responses to “The Last Supper

  1. Yes, I know about those “maybe” roads. But….it will be totally worth it!

  2. You’ll love the roads…expecially on a bus when another bus comes along. Praying for you here at Shine, have fun.

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