Here’s a snapshot of Haitian Christian …

Here’s a snapshot of Haitian Christian passion:

At the church we went to this morning, several people came up to testify and some in song. They had a sound system that had a short and every few seconds, the mic connection would buzz loudly. One time while a young lady was testifying, the mic went to constant buzzing and then finally the sound guys just shut her off for a minute. She didn’t stop for a minute, didn’t even flinch. It was almost as if she was unaware of what was happening, but she couldn’t have been.

In our country, even at the slightest sign of technical difficulty in church, we look nervous and give a clueless look to the sound guy, while allowing God’s message that we’re trying to give to be interrupted. Not here.

She showed that the message she was giving was important, focused, and urgent.


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