The Nutrition Center, and other Haitian stuff

Picture 062This is a picture of what the Monchile area looked like.  This was the area where about 75 street kids come every day around noon because they know that the Christian workers will be here with a meal for them.  You can see in a post below in a video what the food actually looked like.  This was the most “pathetic” part of the trip if you will…the most  extreme poverty conditions we have actually BEEN IN.  Imagine 75 kids gathering in your living room for a bowl of food. The food packs are put together by the adults with developmental disabilities at Elim Christian Services.  Two of those adults, Bob and Gayle are with us this week actually seeing the fruit of the labor: the school supplies and food kits that they assembed actually getting into the hands of these people in Haiti.

See one of the kids in video:

Brett Casino and I have been rooming together since the first night and it has been an interesting time.  Some nights, you can tell we’re just both taking it all in and trying to process it because we don’t really say much.  We’re rethinking the activities of the day, still in disbelief of the environment that we are in.  Other times like last night we simply talk about what we’re learning.  We’re both pretty much on the same page: that the God of Haiti is the same God of the United States.  But the USA and  Haiti are comparable.  Actually, they are.  The USA citizens are rich in money but poor in worshiping God without distraction.  Seems to be just the opposite in Haiti.


Riding in an SUV on Haitian roads is treacherous.  Rocks the size of softballs line the streets and you’re pretty much expecting a tire blowout at any time.  So, we stopped roadside to get air in Jacmel.  The guy comes out with a bicycle pump to fill up our tire with air.  A bicycle pump…really?  “They just don’t get it,” we say.

I have a feel Haitian Christians would say the same thing after seeing American “Christians” worship or live their lives.  “They just don’t get it,” they would say.  They say they follow God, but they live their lives in such spiritual apathy.  They don’t really care to tell anyone about their life, they are pretty bored in church, and yeah…you get the point.

But when you come to that “unfulfilled” place in life, where it just seems like there should be more, that’s because there really is.  American consumerism Christianity can only take us so far, and that’s what I’m discovering in Haiti.  There’s something that we’re missing, and these poor people have found it.  We can learn a lesson from them, and we will, if we’re paying attention.

Bob Hillegonds from Elim Christian Services sure seems to get it too:


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