Brett Casino joined me on the Haiti trip…

Brett Casino joined me on the Haiti trip. His thoughts:

Johnathon asked me to share my thoughts on Haiti…the more I thought about it the more confused I am on what to write.

What do I say about a trip that beautifully wrecked my life? How do I put into words the absolute, inhumane conditions of this country? How can I look into the eyes of 75 kids without homes, parents and food and not be okay? Did God send me to serve these people, burden my heart with the oppressed or both?

Hard questions and even harder answers. One thing I do know is the God is moving in this country. The way over 100 people worshipped in a building the size of our kitchen blew my mind. The way most walked to church for over an hour shows me that they truly hunger for God. The way they literally have nothing and are content cannot be put into words.

The most I have suffered for my faith is people making fun of me and losing some friends. I have never been kidnapped, beaten and held for ranson like the Pastor in Haiti. If I ever had to experience that would I still continue to preach, teach and reach the lost? Pastor Jean-Claude seems to be a modern day Apostle Paul.

Would I do it again? YES! I asked God to wreck my life and move powerfully in Haiti and the prayer was answered 1000 fold. I encourage everyone in America to experience how God can beautifully wreck your life by using the least of these.



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