“Christian” “Men” – wishy washy…uh , yeah…

My friend Linda with Cache Connections, which is a sponsor of the station and Christian matchmaking connections community quoted a Christian single lady, asked a question about it…and my response is in red below:
The single lady quote: I am from australia and finding christian men here here very wishy washy and not willing to state their intentions as the good doctors advised the few stray men who fronted up to first baptist atlanta 2 weeks ago . They are the worst dilly dalliers I have come across and border on being spineless. Why is that so? Especially those above 40. Its not pretty out there but u know that I am sure. If we sit still and wait we turn old and grey. If we stand up to be noticed we are considered non proverbs 31. Finding the USA christian dating scene worse than in australia in terms of quality God inspired capable financially stable (I don’t mean wealthy) men with backbone who look after themselves and know what they need (not want) from a long term relationship. Hoping when I join cache that will all change and I can write back again and refute my own words . Bless u for your attempts to minimize the alarming statistcs on christian singledom. Extra stars in your crowns for sure.

The question from Linda: Any rebuttal from the men?

Me: No rebuttal whatsoever.

Most “Christian men” are not men at all…they are boys.

You have to look at the “Christian” part first, too. I think any man that takes his faith seriously and actually lives the life that follows Jesus will be a real man who has all these qualities the ladies want 🙂


– “Knows what he’s looking for”
– “Knows who he is”
– “Have a backbone”

…and all that kind of stuff.

A lot of the “Christian men” you may be seeing pass you by may not be Christians nor real men.

“Christian” is a great title for an insecure, backbone-less guy to use in and around church in order gain rapport is certain groups.

But a Christ-following, bible-reading, man of integrity will state his intentions and treat a woman with respect and honesty. It doesn’t mean he’s a fit for every Christian girl, but at least he’s got standards, morals, and actually wants to live his life according to what God says is important.

You guys have your work cut out for you. Because you are seeking real Christ-followers to meet other real Christ-followers. I think the problem is…you’re being deceived by people who claim the title Christian, but only want the good things that come along with that title.

Those good ones have to be out there, but where they are? I’ll have to leave that to professionals like yourselves…


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