The Masters…

Yep, well I’m starting a masters degree today.

It’s a 36-hour program in Christian Ministry. Designed for people who may or not currently be working in ministry, but want to learn a lot about the Bible, Theology and how to put all this stuff into practice in real life.

Basically, one class at a time for two years or so. The class I’m starting today is called “Pastoral Care & Counseling.”

About 13 months ago, I almost started an MBA program, but this program just feels so much more like a fit for me. I guess there’s two elements to what I do.

Business and Ministry. I think for most people in the Christian radio business, you either tend to gravitate more toward the business end or the ministry end. A Christian radio station (and any ministry) needs both. I just seem to be more excited about the long haul on the ministry end, regardless of whether its in radio or some other place God has in mind.


3 responses to “The Masters…

  1. Way to go Jonathon!

  2. Good for you! The thought of even taking one college course (I never have) on top of what I do now (wife, mom, Pre-K teacher) makes me break out in hives! I’ve wondered if I should get a degree in something sometime in my life, but I really love what I’m doing now. God put me in the position I’m in, and when He’s ready to move me onto something else, I’ll do what needs to be done. Even it that means learning to do homework again.
    I can’t wait to hear about all the stuff you’re learning.

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