Podcasts and Wisdom (AKA sharing influences)

Ah, a nice cool Saturday.  I heard someone complaining about the fact that it feels like October.  Complaining?

If you’re close to me, you probably already know this, but I thought I’d share a quick tidbit with you.

I highly recommend seeking wisdom.  In the last year, I have begun to do this in reading, but also listening to several podcasts every week while I do regular things in life.  So if I have earbuds going into my iPhone or a plug going out of it into my car stereo, I’m usually listening to one of these people:

Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church

Chad Hovind, Horizon Community Church

Jim Nicodem, Christ Community Church

Discover the Word

Rob Bell, Mars Hill Bible Church

Pete Wilson, Crosspoint Church

It’s not a blatant endorsement of every word every one of these people have ever said.  (As evidenced by the recent Rob Bell fun little controversy on my Facebook page).  But these are people from whom I have gleaned wisdom and so have a lot of my friends.

Funny, I can never seem to rattle off this kind of stuff when a fellow believer asks, “What/who do you listen do?” So now it’s all there!

Anyway, rarely a week goes by without listening to this stuff.  If you’re looking for a little (or lot) of extra connection throughout your week, I’d recommend trying one of these guys out…you can listen from your computer, iPod, etc.


One response to “Podcasts and Wisdom (AKA sharing influences)

  1. I’ve never really been into listening to other messages throughout the week, but honestly, I get so much out of your morning show devotions, I guess I should! I need more wisdom. Who doesn’t?

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