It comes every 365 days

R071720First of all, I want to be clear that I’m just sharing my own angle of relating to 9/11 this morning.  My point is not at all to complain or seek sympathy.  The true sympathy and prayers should be for those who were affected in a human way by what happened on this date eight years ago.

Since then, every time 9/11 has come, it’s always been a tough day in preparation of our morning radio show.  I just don’t think I understand how our audience wants to hear about the anniversary of 9/11.  Note I’m not saying they don’t want to hear about it, I just don’t know the context in which listeners want to hear about it.  I’m just not sure.

In the past, we’ve played patriotic songs, given short remembrances, carried the bell-ringing and name-reading audio live from NYC, and things like that. Today, we’ll probably do a little of that, but most of the show will be business as usual. Conversation, contests, promos, call-ins, devotions, the normal thing.

And it’s pretty weird…this is the first anniversary of 9/11 on the air that I’ve felt pretty calm and at ease.  Thing is, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  I’ve always approached the day with such dignity, awe, and reverence that I’m hoping I don’t just have a “whatever” approach to it like a lot of people seem to these days.

Either way, God bless the people who serve our country, yes?


2 responses to “It comes every 365 days

  1. I understand. Folks react differently. Often, when I see con-trails of jets in the sky, I remember the afternoon of 9-11. There weren’t any. Maybe those of us from the east remember differently.

  2. I still get teary-eyed when I remember the events of that day. I will probably have my moments today…

    And, Yes! God bless the people who serve our country!

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