So my friend Scott, along with 719 other people, got baptized at Parkview Church in Orland Park (and Lockport) over the weekend.  Scott’s life, I believe, was changed, and I have no doubt the same is true of all the others’ who made that decision as well.

Pastor Tim Harlow from Parkview was one of the people performing the baptisms and was just elated to have such great events happening at the church over the weekend.  He was on the morning show and had some great things to share:

To read more about why baptism is a great choice for a Christ-follower, check out Tim’s blog


4 responses to “Baptisms!

  1. I was there … God was there !

  2. The weekend was incredible. The worship…powerful. The message…biblical. The emotion…unbelievable.

    All to God’s glory!

  3. I was there on Saturday night, early for the 5:45 PM service, so was able to witness about 160 baptisms at both services!

  4. I was at the early service Saturday, the message was so strong i just had to jump in clothes and all,wow what an awesome feeling. Its a feeling everyone should experience and one i will never ever forget.

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