Culture is strikin’ out, baby… (and what I’m thankful for)

Yep, pop culture has been striking out bigtime in my book lately…

I usually just ignore the junk in the media.  It’s hard to believe I actually used to work for a radio station owned by a company which was dedicated to getting people to voice their outrage against bad things that happen in the media…call your senators, etc.  Not saying they are bad people, just saying that’s not how I typically respond.

You’ve probably seen the way culture has been striking out lately:

1. Adam Lambert’s ridiculous performance at the American Music Awards which included stuff like this:’







2. And cool tweet from Matthew West I read this morning:


I’m thankful for Christian radio. I turned on pop radio and heard Britney’s new song, “3.” The lyric? “Living in sin is the new thing..”


Seriously? I have a 3 yr who can pick up the lyrics of any song, and thanks for Christian radio in our car, she won’t be singing that song!!

Yep, the pop princess is at it againNot that shocking, but it leads me to my next point:

I’m thankful for Christian radio. Not just as a job, but as a positive, Christian media outlet.  No, it’s not perfect or always done very well, but it’s nice to have, and I do appreciate being a part of it.


3 responses to “Culture is strikin’ out, baby… (and what I’m thankful for)

  1. Thanks for speaking out my friend! Nice to share the same passion as you ugggggh, could not believe this display of, not sure what to call that…performance by Adam Lambert. It’s these displays that drive, lead, and allow me to press in to the vision and impact of Shine.FM on the lifes of others.

    Have a great day~


  2. Yet another reason why we don’t have television. Phil4:8

    Christian and classical radio are a blessing in today’s culture! Thanks Johnathon!

  3. What value are you getting from your entertainment choices?

    Each of us make entertainment spending decisions everyday from renting a movie to purchasing a new CD or buying concert tickets to paying our cable bill. But when was the last time your really sat down to evaluate the value of those purchases? Do they bring your family together like ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney used to on Sunday nights?

    Unfortunately, most entertainment today is more interested in pushing the envelope than uniting families. I recently took my six year old daughter to a local concert excited to spend some mother/daughter time. I was horrified to see not just her teenage pop icon scantily dressed, but most of the girls (and their MOTHERS) dressed the same! The event was sponsored by one of the leading retailers…. My heart sank to see the emptiness in the eyes of those around me. What message are we sending our sons/daughters with this behavior?

    Instead of reminiscing with my daughter on the highlights of the show, I spent the hours and days after the concert doing damage control! Was that the value I was hoping to receive from my purchase? No way!

    That event, and several other entertainment mishaps in the past month, have opened my eyes to the good entertainment around me. I am fortunate to work for a radio station that promotes media that brings a families together & changes hearts one-beat @ a time. When turning on my radio or dropping my children off at a Shine.FM concert I don’t have to worry about the message coming from the speakers or the stage! I can let my guard down and know that my investment changes lives & hearts one beat @ a time!

    That’s the kind of entertainment I want to support!

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