Happy New Year…Have a PLAN

Daily Bible Readings – For the New Year

Ever tried to read the whole Bible in a year?

I’ve tried it several times, and failed, but I think it was because I approached it from a wrong perspective. It was all about what I could accomplish…even about what I could learn (rather than practice) and so that I could have the personal satisfacation of getting through it.

But that’s not what reading the Bible is about…and it’s sure not what faith is about.  It’s more about treating the Bible as something you live with…it’s not just a book of wisdom for life (although it is that)…there’s something about how the Bible is INSPIRED that actually can carry you through life, you know?

Whether you want to do the whole thing in a year (or two or three) or follow some other idea, the point is…in my humble opinion…you need a PLAN.  Check out a few different plans HERE .  John Piper and I (good buds, you know) are using the one called “The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan”

The point is…do something.  Have a plan.  When I have seen some success in Bible reading, it’s typically been because there was a plan involved.  Thanks for listening.


One response to “Happy New Year…Have a PLAN

  1. Great thoughts! I too have tried, and failed, to read through the Bible the past few years. I like the idea of “practicing it”. The other thing I was struck with yesterday as I was reading through Genesis (where MOST plans begin at the New Year) was my “been there read this” attitude. Not good. So, I tried to empty my head, so to speak, of what I ‘thought’ I know about God from those verses and took a literal look at it. I was having trouble sleeping last night and thought my way through Noah and the flood.
    The only thing I really noticed was that God told Adam and Eve that all herbs and fruit trees were given to them for food, and then when Noah left the ark, God told them all animals could be eaten. So the end of Vegetarianism? I really need to work on my Bible study skills!!

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