Just thought I’d mention that I have found profound benefit and connectedness lately by utilizing the “silence” and “listening” aspect of our prayers.

Too often, we think prayer is either a list or at least a time where we “bear our souls to God” and talk to him.

Yep, that’s half of it.  The other half is listening.

Call it meditation, reflection, or what you like.  I’ve learned from a wise pastor in the last couple of weeks that you would do well to start, include, or end your prayer time with several minutes of silence.

He said one guy said, “I don’t like to get silent while I pray because I don’t like what I hear.”  I can relate to that.  But it’s worth a try.


One response to “Silence

  1. When I am silent before God, He speaks to me. I have received some great words from Him in my silent times. 2 of these came after a great worship time at retreats.

    There have been other times when if I hadn’t been silent and listened to everything He was trying to tell me and show me, I would have made one of the worst decisions of my life. We might not always like what we here, but God Always has our best interests at heart! The right things in life always seem to hurt a little.

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