Stealing kids from Haiti

So maybe you’ve heard the news story today or yesterday…ten Americans have been arrested in Haiti for trying to “sneak” Haitian orphans out of the country.

These people say they are missionaries (actually Baptists from Idaho) who only wanted to get the kids to a safe orphanage in the Dominican Republic (right over the border).  They were attempting to leave the country with 33 Haitian children, with no adoption documents and without authorization from the Haitian government, according to the news. These “missionaries” are being charged with child trafficking, the same charge that people get when they’re selling children into slavery

Adoption and helping are good things.  My wife and I have very much considered being open to being adoptive parents.  I have to be honest that the first thing that jumped into my mind (sadly) is wondering whether these people are among those who are trying to take advantage of the Haiti disaster to “get a kid” for their own household.  Adopting from Haiti can normally take 2 years and $30,000 or more, and as a person who has been to Haiti, I am sad that some people will stoop so low to be “looters” in this way.  Please don’t misunderstand, I am an advocate of adoption and foster care.  I am even a licensed foster parent, though no kids are currently placed with us.  But when adoption becomes more about the parent “wanting a kid” than the child who needs a home, this becomes an issue of the heart.  That applies domestically, internationally, or even as you decide to have biological kids.

I can’t judge these people because I don’t know their intentions or their hearts, but they are Americans.  And a lot of us Americans are all about instant gratification.  Even in a good way.  As if it’s OK to say, “I don’t care what that corrupt Haitian government says, God wants me to go take those kids.”  Sorry…nope…that’s not right.

A lady named Judy called up our morning show today as we talked about this issue and wanted to remind people of two things regarding adoptions.  One, you obviously always have to OBEY THE LAW.  (Umm…yeah).  And two, a lot of American kids need families too.  Find out about that here.


One response to “Stealing kids from Haiti

  1. I would love to adopt, but 3 things stand in my way…my husband thinks I’m nuts, we’re probably pushing the age limit on it (at least for adopting from China), and the money involved.

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