Caffeine sobriety

So about an hour ago, I celebrated one week of sobriety from caffeine.

Yes, you read right.  I have not had any caffeine in one week.

7 Days

168 Hours

Yes, me.

I’m actually fairly happy that I’ve done that too. And now for your questions.

Q. Why did you do this?

A. The reason I did it is that there seemed to be no end in sight to the terrible “crashes” that I would feel in the late afternoon and early evening. Without fail, around 2:00 or 3:00 (yes, I call that late afternoon), this major heaviness would start to set in and I would either need to take a nap or face major fatigue.  I started taking Vitamin B1 to attempt to counteract some of this fatigue, but when that didn’t do the trick, I wanted to try kicking the caffeine.

Q.  Did it work?

A. It most certainly does seem to be working.  After 7 days without the stuff, I’m definitely not hitting that wall that I was before.  I still get kind of tired in the evenings, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal.  It was a noticeable change even a few days after I kicked the caffeine to the curb.

Q. How much caffeine were you drinking before?

A.  I think I was drinking quite a bit of it.  I usually had about 3-5 cups of coffee from the time I got up until the morning show was over. Some days, I’d drink another 3-5 cups during the day and maybe a can of Diet Pepsi or two throughout the day, so I suppose on average something like 6 or 7 cups of caffeinated product per day.  I dropped down to ZERO as of last Saturday.

Q. So tell us about the withdrawls…headaches?

A.  For me, I had no headache the first day (although I was missing the coffee).  The second day really wasn’t too bad either. But the third day….ouch.  That was the worst. A full day of headaches.  I would call that “withdrawal day.”  And I think it’s been gradual and the withdrawals aren’t over yet, but I’m hoping no more FULL DAYS of that type of pain.  That wasn’t fun.  I do miss having the cup of coffee…the taste, the warmth, the beauty (I think I might cry).  I’m considering switching to decaf, but I’m not sure if I can do that or maybe it would just be better to skip it altogether.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at.  We’ll see what happens. Now, you tell me about your caffeine usage:


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