The following things are really good news

There is definitely some evidence that spring is right around the corner. I experienced the peering of spring with several of the God-given senses today.

It was great to come out the door of my garage into the backyard and:

1) See that all the snow has melted

2) See my 86-year-old neighbor, Jack sitting outside with his son just relaxing in the sunlight

3) Hearing them listen to the sound of Pat Hughes & Ron Santo on WGN calling the first Cubs spring training game from Mesa (and it was quite loud). Oh, and by the way the cubs WON today!

4) Smell the fire that he was burning in the backyard (he doesn’t wait long to start with the campfires. March 4….wow)

5) Feel too hot for even having a thick golf jacket on.  Could’ve gone with a hoodie today and been OK. Looks like the decent temps are to stay…for now, at least.

Happy “Almost Spring!” Only 2 weeks and 3 days til it’s official.

The earth is the Lord’s…for He has founded it upon the seas. Psalm 24:1,2


One response to “The following things are really good news

  1. How can you put the word “good” and “Cubs” in same sentence?

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