Today, I’m supposed to slow down.

So I’ve been following this Lenten Experience Calendar and each day it gives you a task to do or way to operate your life just for that day.  Neat things like not texting, buying someone’s lunch, calling and sharing a story with a family member, etc.

Well today’s is:

Slow Down today and do everything very deliberately.  Drive slowly, walk slowly, talk slowly, eat slowly.

It’s kind of hard to do, but it has been rewarding.  It’s amazing how the stress and pressure seems to go away when I’m not walking fast, driving fast, talking fast, perhaps even taking a moment to think before I respond. Note: I did not adhere to this when playing racquetball this morning, or I wouldn’t have even  won the game that I did.

But now, I have to go home and do my chores around the house, so I’m not sure if Natalie will appreciate my being a slowpoke while I get that stuff done. 🙂

Now…am I the only one that is now craving one of those old school 25-cent Slo-Poke caramel suckers?  Those things were so great.  Sorry about that Dr. Guebert, DDS.


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