I’m a slave

Sometimes I love it when the truth of the Bible comes to life.

Sometimes I don’t.

Right now, I am not loving it. Here’s the verse I’m talking about:

“The Borrower is slave to the Lender.” Prov 22:7

Even if you’re like us and you work extra hard at paying your bills on time and spend less than you make, try as hard as you can to be smart with decisions and all that stuff, you are still a slave to the lender.  I still had to wait on hold for 22 minutes today as my student loan company decided to change their mind on something they’d told me earlier, etc.

Don’t worry, I’ll never become one of those ranting bloggers who always jumps on their site or Facebook or Twitter to publicly despise some customer service agent or company…I don’t think that accomplishes much.  But I do think I’d think twice before taking out large student loans again. Especially with a company that now seems to be less than reputable.  (Quite a bit, less actually…) 😉  OK, that’s my last jab.

But oh how the words of scripture continue to ring true, even though in times like this I can’t say I like them very much.  I guess it’s more my fault for not adhering to them than the fault of the words themselves…


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