Ten Reasons pastors are important

OK, so I’m not much a fan of Donald Miller … but then again maybe I haven’t read enough of his stuff to really know.  I read part of Blue Like Jazz and part of his new book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years,” but for some reason I just wasn’t really getting everything.


I love this list he just made.

Ten Reasons Pastors Are Important”

1. They lead social movements that change the world.

2. They speak truths that create guardrails to keep us out of danger and stop us from hurting each other.

3. They introduce us and remind us about God, who redeems us and guides us in love.

4. They model good marriages and families (Your mind may have gone to an exception, but quickly list five who do. It’s an easy list to create.)

5. They bring people together to live and work in community.

6. They counsel hurting and broken people.

7. They bring the presence of God into the most dark and painful circumstances.

8. Most of them could be making lots more money doing something else, but they sacrifice to build God’s kingdom.

9. They put up with our crap.

10. Because without them the world would be unimaginably dark.


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