OK, well back to the iPhone then

Well sometime right around Valentine’s Day I decided to get rid of my iPhone and see what life would be like with an old school flip phone with no web access – really just calling and texting.  And I must say that time went really well.  I wrote a bit about why I decided to do this – there were several reasons.  But the main reason is this.

Guess which of these pictures is how people tend to socialize “before” and “after” getting an iPhone…

OK, so nothing against the Mercy Me guys (I think they just tweeted this picture in order to make fun of themselves… 😀 )  But people really do this.   When you get a group of people together who have iPhones, this really does tend to happen.  I used toAnd, well…I think it’s stupid and a real waste.

So while I did decide to pick up a new iPhone the other day, I definitely now recognize the right way to use it: as a tool, not to let it turn you into a tool. 🙂 Some of you will know what I mean by that.

In his “American Idols” series, Tim Harlow at Parkview Church said:

“Maybe spiritual maturity means over time, we deepen our ability to recognize idols for what they are in our lives and once again, deepen our ability to give them up.”

It might mean tossing something.  It might mean re-analyzing.  It might mean having a conversation with someone, apologizing, or praying a lot.  But it’s definitely something everyone needs to think about.


2 responses to “OK, well back to the iPhone then

  1. Also, it seems (according to the pictures) that you tend to dress better when you don’t have a smart phone. I am sold.

    And for the record, I still have an old school flip. It’s a step up from a can with a string.

  2. That bottom picture says it all! My personal take is that anything can be used for good or abused. I have an Android, but I do not stare at it all day. I enjoy it, but it is a means and not an end.

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