Jennifer Knapp

So news broke today that a Christian music artist named Jennifer Knapp who was immensely popular in the 1990s came out of the closet, announcing that she’s a lesbian.

Someone asked me what I thought about this and whether it affects my opinion of all her great music.

Nope, doesn’t negate any song or music she’s created in her career.  Remember, these type of amazing songs are gifts from God.  No one should dare blame him for this situation.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that Christians (and Christian music listeners) can tend to be the most judgmental people that we ever come into contact with.

People in the church like to bash people with this particular sin because it’s something that “they would never struggle with.”  Then they make aloof comments and look down on people for making announcements like this rather than empathize with the spot they’re in and pray like crazy that they can be led out of a life of temptation.  My personal favorites are people who will condemn someone for giving into this type of sexual sin while secretly entertaining their own.  I’ve got news for you, God views acts of sexual sin the same whether they are heterosexual or homosexual.

But I agreed with someone’s words I read who said, “No one follows the Lord on their own terms. And when we pronounce something “Okay,” we’d better have some assurance that we’re on the right side of that statement.” That’s the tough thing about this situation.  But being an aloof holier-than-thou Christian sure isn’t the way to go.

Like one of the people that commented on this You Tube video of one of her songs below, “How can you not worship God after listening to this song?”


5 responses to “Jennifer Knapp

  1. AMEN!! Saw a twitter update the other day that said this verse below and then said…”what part of no condemning did you not understand” 😀

    John 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (NIV)

  2. I guess the whole ideal behind “coming out” confuses me. Why don’t we all just come out! “Hey…ok..Ive been living this for so long now…I cant help it any longer…I’m Umm…heterosexual”. what? does anyone need to know this about me? Does anyone care?
    Yes, Im disappointed by this news. Yes I will pray. No, I dont need to condemn either! I have enough of my own dirt…Im a rotten sinner. (I just dont want the whole world to know – which probably makes me a hypocrite I guess).

  3. Hadn’t heard that bit of news.

  4. Show me a Christian artist who isn’t a sinner. When did we start ranking sins?

  5. Johnathon rather misses the point I believe. His comments are seemingly attacking of the church and somewhat defensive of Jennifer. I have loved Jennifer’s music for years and care deeply for her. It is not our place as believers to question her salvation but always our responsibility to be salt and light in the culture to which we live. Jennefer is broken and like all of us broken people, we need to enter into the love and forgiveness of Jesus. My concern is that the church must stand firm on God’s Word and in love call sin what it is, sin, an outright offense against God. If the church does not stand against sin, it is tacit approval of sin and Jennifer’s life in the sin of homosexuality becomes minimized and normalized. This is not something we can allow to happen or we have lost our prophetic voice to this generation. The church (which is easy to attack but should not be attacked as it is the bride of Christ) will become irrelevant in the culture. The challenge then becomes speaking passionately about sin as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom and proclaimers of God’s truth in His Word, while at the same time demonstrating a sincere love for people. I fear the latter has more frequently been sacrificed on the alter of the former. In Galatians, Paul reminds us that we reap what we sow. The love of God and others compels us to fight against the sin that so eaily entangles us, Heb. 12. In essence the issue isn’t being judgmental or “holier than thou” but lovingly truthful. Because we really love Jennifer and care about her life and future, we should never attack the church nor her but speak truth in love – Never Compromise Neither! It is by our love that people will see we are disciples of Christ. Hatred, anger or condeming words or thoughts toward Jennifer will always cause more harm to her and the cause of Christ.

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