Your Hillsong United story

OK, so I don’t do give-a-ways too often (or ever?) on this page, but I have an extra pair of tickets to Saturday night’s Hillsong United show in Hoffman Estates, IL (near Chicago), so thought I’d offer them to you.

Most people know that Hillsong United doesn’t come to North America all that often, so you should see them when they do.  My story about Hillsong United is that last time they were playing in Chicago it was at McCormick Place and I happened to already being in town and had dinner plans at one of my favorite places in Lincoln Park, R.J. Grunts.  So anyway, my wife and I went to the Hillsong United concert, but we only stayed for about 3 songs, and then we took off.  She has been teasing me about that ever since (since we were having a GREAT time and really wanted to stay) so I had to be sure to get us some tickets (to stay the whole time) this time around.

OK, so that’s my Hillsong United story.  What’s yours?  Leave yours as a comment and be sure to leave your e-mail address as well and I’ll choose someone in 24 hours to randomly win this pair of tickets!


2 responses to “Your Hillsong United story

  1. Scott Bloomquist

    My Hillsong United story goes back to November 1999. It isn’t a long story, but I would very much like to be able to worship with them. I was able to go on a mission trip to Papua New Guinea. We had a 2 day layover in Sydney Australia. While there I talked and talked to our Pastor about renting a car and driving the 8 hours to attend worship at their church. Much to my disappointment he said no because it was too far. I told him it was a whole lot closer now then from Minneapolis (where I lived at the time). None-the-less, I was overruled and we did not get to worship with them. I never thought I would have an opportunity to worship with them in person because at that time, and until very recently they didn’t tour the states. The worship that has come out of their church and ministry has been a huge part of my and my wife’s walk with the Lord. It would be a tremendous blessing to take her to worship with Hillsong.

  2. What’s up with you and leaving concerts early? I’ve never known you to stay until the end of a concert. Have there been any that you just HAD to stay to the end…because they were THAT good?

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