Facebook privacy probably shouldn’t be an issue

So about 30,000 people quit Facebook yesterday, which was “Quit Facebook Day,” in protest at the site’s shifting policies on privacy and personal data.  Of course, that’s about 1 in…oh, say, 15,000 users.  Of course, that didn’t even make a dent.

I have quit Facebook before, just because it was consuming what I thought was too much of my life, but I have come back to it in a more limited fashion.

But, Facebook privacy shouldn’t be an issue.  Here’s my thinking on this.  It’s easy, really:

1. Private details should be shared with your real (not Facebook) friends one-on-one or face-to-face.  If you are pregnant and you don’t want some people to know, then tell the people that you DO want to know and don’t tell the people that you don’t want to know.  Putting it online anywhere might not be wise.

2. C’mon folks, this is 2010.  There is no internet privacy anymore.  Anything you don’t want publicized, don’t put it online.  Didn’t we learn this in the late 90s, or no?

3. Facebook is a business and you said “OK, you can do that” when you agreed to the End-User License Agreement.

Sharing stuff about our lives is a really important part of living out our faith.  If we don’t do that, we’re missing out on a HUGE part of life. I can honestly say that my life has gotten 100% better since I have started opening up and sharing deep parts of my life with close friends, an accountability partner, and family.

But it’s just silly to post it all online and then only expect certain people to see it.


One response to “Facebook privacy probably shouldn’t be an issue

  1. Well said! I totally agree.

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