Throwback post: I live in a Third World Country

Since it’s a holiday (and lots of stuff is closed, anyway), I thought I’d repeat one of my favorite blogs I’ve ever written – from Aug. 2, 2009

Context: I was on my 3rd or 4th day of my first international missions trip, in Haiti, and posted some things I was feeling that day:

I’m pretty sure I learned that while I’ll be leaving this third world country to return to the United States, I actually already live in a third world country.  Not a financially strapped, poor country (although some economic indicators would disagree), but a spiritually desolate third world country.

I believe I live in a place (in the US) where God is a GREAT addition to have to your life.  I mean a GREAT addition.  You can know that it’s the right thing to give him your problems, some of your time,  and maybe even a little bit of money. In exchange, we receive the satisfaction of knowing that we’re heading to heaven, feeling good about ourself sometimes, and getting to know some nice people along the way.  Oh, and learning some nice Bible verses that make you feel inspired in hard times.  Trust me, these are all very good and helpful things in life.

But, you probably know where I’m going with this.  God doesn’t really want to be the addition to our lives.  He wants us to not be hypocrites and act like we believe that he exists and that he wants us to do what it says in the Bible. Our home country, even home church members, just don’t seem to be too interested in that.  God really is a great addition, but that’s just not quite what he’s asking for.

Franky Schaeffer wrote a book called “Addicted to Mediocrity” and in it he talks about how well, addicted Christians can be to mediocrity, and even says: “like soup in a bad restaurant, Christians’ brains are best left unstirred” Why? Because that’s just how the enemy desires for us to be: unstirred, half-caring, and lukewarm.

So I’ve come to that conclusion that this describes my homeland of USA.  There are plenty of athiest Americans, agnostics, believers of false teachers, but even among those who claim to be Christians, most of us probably aren’t doing what God has asked us to.  And we’re pretty content with that, knowing that we’ll likely get heaven out of the deal, so…not too concerned with the “extra credit” pieces like loving God and Loving your neighbor.  The sad part is, these aren’t extra credit/bonus questions, this is the real central part of God.

Or, maybe there’s just something in this Haitian air I’m breathing that makes me think that’s the case.

Either way, I’m convinced I live in a third world country and I’m coming back on Tuesday.


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