Words of wisdom from the governor

So I was visiting some folks at the hospital last night and an ABC7 Chicago news van passed me in the parking lot.  It’s not often we see Chicago news media in Kankakee.  So I did a quick search on my phone to find that Lura Lynn Ryan, the wife of the incarcerated Illinois ex-governor George H. Ryan (who is from Kankakee) was admitted to intensive care last night.  There has been a court battle trying to get Ryan out of prison to visit with his supposedly-dying wife.

Some folks have asked me whether I think George should be able to get out of prison to visit with his frail wife.  I’d probably say yes, even if just for a while.

But I can’t help remember the only words Governor Ryan ever spoke to me.  It was while I was covering an event he attended in Kankakee years ago for a news radio station.  (Ironically, it was the dedication of a new jail that he helped fund).  His words of wisdom to me were, “Who the hell are you?”

After that, I remembered that usually when you interview someone, especially a politician, you’re supposed to state your name and media outlet.  Oops. 


2 responses to “Words of wisdom from the governor

  1. You may have not followed protocol, but that is certainly no way to speak to someone on his part, especially someone in public office. Focus on the Family talked about encouraging people with your words today, that they are like little silver boxes with bows on them. I don’t think he gave you a silver box, seemed a bit tarnished.

    People who hide things in life and are keeping things in tend to lash out more then others. You Da Best Man!!

  2. Yea – that’s one of the “rules” of a press conference/interview. I can see him asking “and who are you” (minus the attitude that I assume came with his statement), but his way of doing it was downright rude. Guess it showed his true character.

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