There has to be a reason

You know that passage in Romans where Paul says he doesn’t do what he wants to do (in other words, he sins even though he doesn’t want to), and he basically explains that he wants to do good, but he can’t carry it out.  (Romans 7:14-20)

I think the bad part is, we just read that and take the wrong message from it.  I know I’ve read this and often thought, “Well, good.  That’s the Apostle Paul who wrote a ton of the Bible, so if he struggles with sin, then I don’t feel as bad about myself.”

I don’t think that’s the point, though.

I’m reading a book called “One.Life” by Scot McKnight and I’d like to share a few questions he poses that probably amplify what this thing is all about.

I don’t know about you, but I can really relate to the part in bold below.

Why do we want what we know is best,
what is good, what is loving,
what is peaceful, what is just
and what is wise…
but can’t find the energy, the resources, the willpower,
or the ability to live them out on a day-to-day basis?
Why are you holding back?
What are you holding back?


One response to “There has to be a reason

  1. I like when Paul says, Should we continue sinnng because we have grace, God Forbid. He is talking about that it is in fallen man’s nature to sin, but that we are under grace, not the law. I love this entire book of Romans.

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